Sleep position for your infant: why back is best

Pediatricians recommend that  infants be placed on their backs for sleep, as this is the safest position for an infant to sleep. Putting your baby to sleep on his back decreases his chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is responsible for most infant deaths during the first year of life. Some findings suggest […]

Things about Breastfeedings Mums Wish They Were Told

 1) Your first time breastfeeding might not be magical. You may be tired, in pain, drugged up, blissed out, numb from the waist down and/or getting stitched up in various places when a nurse grabs your boob and your baby’s head and , she mashes them together while you hold your hands over your head, […]

Facts about your baby’s skin

Did you know that your baby’s skin is: Is about 10 times thinner Has a greater tendency to dryness Is more prone to allergies and irritation Absorbs more water, but loses it faster For these reasons, it’s important that mild and gentle products, developed especially for babies, are used when caring for your little one’s […]

New baby supplies checklist

Before your little bundle comes home, stock up on these essentials: Baby Diapers Nappy Liners Baby Shawls Baby Blanket Flannel Sheet Cot   Sheet Baby Soft Towel Mackintosh Vest Cotton Suits Cotton   Caps and Sets Sweater Suits Baby Romper Baby Grower Plastic Panties Tie on Pants Bibs/Feeders Socks/Booties Mittens Face Towel Nappy Pins/ Fastener Disposable Baby […]

Umbilical cord care

Learn how to care for your newborn’s umbilical-cord area until it heals. Don’t be afraid to clean your baby’s umbilical cord: the quicker the base dries, the sooner the cord will fall off. Be sure that you have washed your hands before handling the cord. If the umbilical cord becomes soiled with urine or feces, […]

The abc’s of diapering, quick tips for new mums

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! One thing you can expect when you have a little one in your life?   A lot of diapers, with diapering on your daily to-do list multiple times! Here are a few things to know: Newborn poop is called meconium and it’s more like tar than actual poop. It’s black […]

Here are 6 things every new mum should know

You can’t really prepare to become a mom. “It’s like getting a whole new identity. “You have to adjust to this new self.” You also have to adjust to changes in your body, your emotions, your schedule and your laundry routine. And while you can’t learn everything ahead of time, you can get started on […]

Let’s talk about car seats

As a parent, a  car seat is one of the most important things you need to put at the top of your shopping list especially as you prepare to bring your bundle of joy home   Olive Gathinji of Deacons shares the reason why, and some important insights.   “My name is Olive Gathinji. I […]

Tips for safely bathing your infant

Bath time is a special time to enjoy bonding with your baby. It can be a fun, special time and also a time for caution. Keep these bathing tips in mind so your little one stays safe as you enjoy the experience daily. The first and most important rule is this: Never, ever leave your […]

Baby skin: common conditions and remedies


Cradle Cap Of all the things you envisioned while preparing for your baby, you probably didn’t imagine dandruff-like flakes covering her scalp. But your newborn may indeed have scaly patches on her scalp and eyebrows. It’s called cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis, and is very common in young infants. It usually begins in the first […]